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Relieving Baby Tatum's Reflux With Gentle Chiropractic Care

alert baby being adjustedEvery day we love helping children of all ages, including infants, flourish. Gentle and natural pediatric chiropractic can effectively address various common childhood conditions, including reflux. Here’s what one mom had to say about the care her baby girl received at the practice:

We began coming to ALC After seeking methods to help our six-week-old daughter Tatum. Tatum was suffering from really bad reflux. She spit up constantly and always seemed to be in pain. She was also very fussy and unhappy most hours of the day. After consulting with Dr. Jon, we decided to proceed with treatment.

After the first week, we noticed a considerable difference in Tatum’s demeanor. She was happier, smiling more, less tense, and seemed to be spitting up less. We are so thankful for Dr. Jon and the amazing staff here for being so kind and helpful. We are also so grateful that Dr. Jon has been able to help our baby girl feel so much better.
Tatum. P

Helping Moms Go From Stressed to Being at Peace

Dr. Jon finds satisfaction in helping mothers like Tatum transition from feeling overwhelmed to feeling at peace and at ease with their infants. He believes mothers should not have to constantly worry about their children, particularly when dealing with the relentless challenges of colicky, crying, and fussy babies. Moms often feel powerless, recognizing that there is an issue but uncertain how to address it.

“Chiropractic allows me to help babies be more comfortable, which is a blessing to me. When babies are happy and healthy, there’s nothing better for moms’ peace of mind,” said Dr. Jon.

How Chiropractic Helps With Reflux

You may wonder how chiropractic can help with reflux. Certain nerves are responsible for digestion. When these nerves affect various digestive system muscles differently, it can result in spit-up or poor digestion. If there’s a miscommunication between the nerve system and these muscles, it can lead to gas buildup. This buildup can then displace milk, causing reflux.

Babies often switch between two states—stress and calm. When the stress response is active, digestion doesn’t work very fluidly, leading to inefficient food processing. This inefficiency can cause babies significant discomfort, leading to crying and potentially colic. The strain of crying often increases reflux.

Chiropractic care helps address each of these areas, alleviating the stress on the body and reducing instances of reflux.

Help Your Little One Thrive

Dr. Jon’s gentle chiropractic adjustments can help babies and kids of all ages enjoy optimal health. Contact Abundant Life Chiropractic today to book an appointment!

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