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Family Wellness Care in Rancho Cucamonga

new born being adjusted on dad
Dr. Jon specializes in care for families, and he tailors family wellness care to each person’s specific needs and goals, with the aim of creating and maintaining nervous system balance so that everyone in the family can feel and function their best.

Helping every member of the family thrive with true health and wellness is our mission at Abundant Life Chiropractic. Although most people don’t think of chiropractic care until they have some kind of pain or dysfunction, regular chiropractic care can ensure your nervous system functions as it should—so your whole body can function as it should!

Preventative Wellness Care

We call this approach “Preventative Wellness Care,” and that looks different for everyone. People who sit at desks all day may have stress in their neck and shoulders, while people who chase after kids and drive around doing errands may experience more stress in the lower back. Kids and adults active in sports need support to prevent injuries and perform their best. With little ones, we’re helping them hit milestones.

Supports Your Other Healthy Habits

When you make the effort to create healthy habits for your family, such as exercising regularly, eating nourishing foods, and prioritizing sleep, it makes sense to incorporate wellness chiropractic care to help you get the most out of those other healthy habits.

Of course, we also provide care if you have pain or symptoms, but with our preventative approach, we strive to help you avoid those painful situations.

Wellness Care for Everyone

We love seeing entire families embrace a wellness lifestyle—but our practice isn’t just about kids! We are here to help anyone of any age create balance and wellness through safe, natural chiropractic care. Mom, Dad, Little Ones, and even Grandparents deserve the health and wellness benefits of regular chiropractic care.

  • Dr. Jon was great and really helped me understand his process and the process of getting adjusted.
  • Feels like a loving family environment. We love coming here and have been coming for many years. I’ve referred many people to Dr. Jon.
  • My whole family has been seen at Abundant Life. I love how family friendly the environment is. Dr. Jon is very thorough and caring.
    -D. F.
  •   Appreciate how kid friendly the practice is and how the space is made to include them in what goes on.
  • Dr Jon was great and explained everything about newborn adjustments. He put our nerves to ease for our 3 week old baby’s adjustment. Results were seen within days of the 1st visit, my baby was able to pass a fecal impaction.
  • Really appreciate Dr. Jon’s thoroughness and the kindness of the front desk staff! My first 2 appointments have been wonderful and I’m excited to continue weekly sessions for the remainder of my pregnancy!
  • We felt like family with all of the special touches for our first visit.
  • The overall knowledge Dr. Torrijos has on prenatal care is amazing. Made me feel very comfortable getting adjusted by him while pregnant.
  • Wonderful – after one visit best I have felt in a long time
  •  Everyone here is so kind! From my initial phone call, Alex made me feel so welcome! I’m new to chiropractic care and recently was injured and have been in severe pain. I was using a cane to walk as I could not stand up straight due to the pain. I just finished my second adjustment and I’m already able to stand without the cane and have already found relief from intense discomfort and swelling. I feel so so thankful to have found Dr Jon and I’m so hopeful for my continued treatments and healing!
    Thank you so much!!!
  • Dr. Jon did such a great job at explaining to my husband and I, X-rays and identified what he could help correct through chiropractic care. All while making us feel comfortable. After our first adjustment we already felt so much better. We look forward to future adjustment treatments and gain overall wellness in the future.

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