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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Rancho Cucamonga

A Happy, Healthy Experience

Every mom deserves a chance to have a comfortable pregnancy with a successful, safe and normal delivery.

Dr. Jon has studied pregnancy chiropractic care and can help you be free from discomfort, seeing you all the way through to your baby’s birth. With chiropractic care, the stress is removed from your pelvis, making sure there’s space for the baby to grow and develop properly.

It’s been shown to decrease labor times and increase the ease of pregnancy. It benefits the child, too, reducing stress and keeping Mom and Baby’s bodies optimally connected.

The Webster Technique

This technique is specifically for pregnant moms, and Dr. Jon is certified in it by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). It focuses on spinal adjustments, as well as on balancing the pelvic bones and structures around the pelvis, such as muscles and ligaments. When your pelvis is balanced, your baby has the space to develop, as well as get into the proper position for birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does chiropractic benefit moms-to-be?

Many changes happen during pregnancy, and Mom’s body has to adapt to the growth of the baby. A pregnant woman’s body is constantly being put through new and increasing demands. Chiropractic helps a mom adapt to those changes and allows her to experience the most comfortable pregnancy possible.

Prenatal adjustments also help prepare a mom’s body for birth, because there are nerves that come out of the lower back that control and coordinate the whole birth process. We want to make sure those nerves are firing on all cylinders.

In particular, there is movement required for a mom’s hips to do, which allows the baby to go through the birth canal to ultimately be born with the least amount of intervention and stress.

Those hips need to be able to be mobile, so chiropractic can help with that. Then, when it’s time for the baby to get into position for birth, usually around 30-34 weeks, chiropractic helps create that space for a baby to get into the most ideal birth position and be comfortable in that position.

At what point in my pregnancy should I start receiving care?

Chiropractic can benefit you at every stage of pregnancy. The earlier you start, the more likely you’ll enjoy a comfortable pregnancy.

How can chiropractic help me after having my baby?

Postpartum care is important, because pregnancy and childbirth are physical events. Chiropractic can help get a mom’s hips and pelvis in balance soon after birth, so she is off to a good start in recovery.

Our natural care also helps guide a mom’s body to stay in alignment as she transitions from pregnancy demands to newborn demands. These are things like holding the baby, looking down at the infant, breastfeeding, and changing diapers.

Those are all stresses and demands that cause a lot of stress on other parts of the body that were not previously stressed during pregnancy. These stressed areas include the shoulders and upper back, which are more stressed during the postpartum activities that a mom is typically doing.

So to preserve health versus waiting for problems to develop again soon after birth, we encourage new moms to come in for a postpartum visit and give new moms recommendations for that postpartum period.

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