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Mom-to-Be Gets Natural Relief From Migraines & More

pregnant woman holding tummy and backKari, one of our prenatal patients, was getting migraines for years and would typically take medication to get relief. When she found out she was pregnant and couldn’t take the medication, she sought an alternative way to help manage her discomfort.

She suffered from headaches a few times a week and had considerable neck and shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, stress, and anxiety. She was 8 weeks pregnant when we first started to see her. Throughout her care plan, she started to get better and had less frequent headaches.

Kari provided a testimonial that since the third week of care, she hasn’t had the intense migraines previously experienced, and her body aches almost completely subsided throughout. She said Dr. Jon educates her on what may be causing it, which is helpful. “That’s a testimonial not just to chiropractic care, but also that we always try to educate our patients here at Abundant Life Chiropractic,” said Dr. Jon.

What Causes Headaches?

There are many reasons why people get headaches. Typically, it’s not just one factor, but one of the causes can be imbalances in the spinal bones in the neck. There can be stress on those nerves at the top of the spine. Those nerves control many functions in the body, and they have effects on the parasympathetic system (where the vagus nerve comes out). That nerve controls the calming effect in the body and helps decrease inflammation throughout the body.

For instance, the nerves that control blood supply to the head are being affected. Then correcting those imbalances that are causing stress on the nerves can help improve blood flow back up to the head, and restoring blood flow can help reduce headaches.

Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, it’s very safe! Dr. Jon uses the Webster Technique and is certified in this gentle method. “It takes less to adjust a pregnant mom, because they already have the relaxin hormone in their body, which helps loosen the joints. We don’t need to put as much into the adjustment,” he said. He uses other gentle methods, like the drop table, and also works on some muscles and ligaments around the pelvis.

We also use soft pregnancy pillows that are hollow in the middle that allow Mom to safely lie face-down on her belly for a short time,” said Dr. Jon.

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