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Experiencing More Than Headache Relief

mom and baby childLindsay came to Abundant Life Chiropractic when she was 22 weeks pregnant and wanted to have a water birth with a midwife. She was getting headaches, and before pregnancy had lower back pain and bad insomnia, sometimes due to the discomfort. Lindsay provided a testimonial that she initially sought relief from her headaches, but also experienced no back pain during pregnancy despite growing big.

On top of the physical benefits, she also felt supported here, and what she’s learned is so important during pregnancy. Lindsay ended up having a great birth and maintained her health during the postpartum period with chiropractic care.

The Value of Postpartum Care

Dr. Jon always tells moms, “You spend 9 months with your baby growing around your waist and hips, and immediately the baby goes from there to being in your arms. You’re having to breastfeed, change diapers, and bend forward. All that stress from your lower back translates back up to your shoulders and upper back.”

Most commonly, we see postpartum moms having shoulder and upper back pain. Dr. Jon tries to prepare his prenatal patients while they’re pregnant to let them know that chiropractic is helpful during pregnancy, but also beneficial for postpartum.

That’s because you have new mom activities that are largely based on your shoulders and upper back, and holding the baby for many hours at a time. “I try to prepare them ahead of time now, and let them know the next step in the process,” said Dr. Jon.

The Importance of Patient Education

Dr. Jon feels his two jobs are to adjust patients and educate them. “Education is a missing link in medical care,” he said. We help people know what’s going on in their body so they can make the best decisions on how to remedy it. He tries to educate patients on what’s right for how their body works, so they can make the decision based on what can support that.

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